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Lumpy the Elephant

It's a wonderful story

I bought this book for my great-niece, when I sent two other Diana M. Hawkins books to her mother for her birthday. I was told my great-niece loved it and wants it read every night at bed time ... It's a wonderful story about self worth, believing in yourself, and each person's place in the world. If you are on bed time duty, this is a great choice for reading to a child.

Marty Snowden, Goodreads (5 out of 5 stars), Aug 24, 2019.

Great Christmas Gift

I bought this book for my nephew and was fortunate enough to have a talented friend that made "Lumpy" to accompany the book. What a great gift! The story line in the book is wonderful - the lessons taught are sure to make an impression on the little ones. It's great that some authors are still not only telling a beautiful story but teaching children some important life lessons as well. I highly recommend this book for any child that enjoys being read to and loves to follow along.

Batd, (5 out of 5 stars),  Dec 2, 2008.

Great Children's book

Lumpy the Elephant is a fun and inspiring story for children aged 3-8. The book's brightly colored illustrations bring its endearing characters to life. The book is easy to read for first and second graders and perfect for reading to the younger set.

Rosemary Chisnall, (5 out of 5 stars), Feb 26, 2008.

A Winner!

This delightfully written and illustrated book shows children how one's differences can actually be their strengths. An outsider among the toys, Lumpy the Elephant becomes the hero rescuing a friend in need. This classical story is sure to become a child's favorite.

Margaret Burkholder, M.Ed, (5 out of 5 stars), Feb 24, 2008.

Beautiful Children's Story

Diana Hawkins does an excellent job with this delightful story that sends a positive message to kids across a wide age range. Very well written and illustrated.

Amazon customer, (5 out of 5 stars), Feb 18, 2008.


My daughter is 4 yrs old and likes to read this book every night and even knows the words when I turn the page to the book overall Great book!!!

Barbara Burgess, (5 out of 5 stars), Sep 8, 2008.

Family favorite

Our family loves the book and loves the lessons learned from the book. Very cute elephant!

R. Fields, (5 out of 5 stars), Mar 19, 2008.